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Zebra stripping and can be caused from 4 areas of concern.


This is called Zebra stripping and can be caused from 4 areas of concern. Flip cover over and check fan Pattern to make sure you are getting full spray

Out of each nozzle.

Sometimes when you connect garden hose to pressure washer you can pick up Debris and will make its way to the nozzle and will cause this issue from partial fan spray coming out.

Remove the nozzle with 9/16 socket and use air compressor or tooth pick And clear orifice of Tips.

Before installing the tips back, Run water through the system/bar until all
Debris are gone then install tips back with cavity line across face of tip runs
Parallel with spray bar.

2nd Cause of issue would be too low of pressure coming from pressure washer
Check the pressure with a gauge to confirm the unit is putting out correct pressure.

3rd Cause if unit hits anything extruded from ground or roof tops will cause
The Tips to move out of position or damage to bearings wiggle bar
side to side to see if excessive play Make sure cavity line of tips are parallel with bar.

4th cause of issue If system hits anything from rocks to extruded areas will cause 1
of the spring loaded seats to move out of position and allow pressure to Escape out
and around seat and cut the small o-ring and  back up nylon seal and will lose pressure
through weep hole at  Bottom of cover. Will need to replace seal kit.

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