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Water Blaster - Pressure Washers


Treat yourself to a new Simpson Water Shotgun pressure washer to tackle all the things you can use a washer for deck cleaning, wood restoration, paint preparation, graffiti removal and general maintenance.

Driven by the popular and powerful Honda or Vanguard engine, Honda pressure washer has a 4 GPM flow rate and provides pressure up to 7000 PSI. The engine produces abundant power and will cooperate with ease when combining it with the World-Famous AAA and Comet Triplex Plunger pump, with all of these pressure washer parts offering excellent manufacturers' warranties.

Our all-lightweight aircraft grade aluminum frame has a 10-year warranty and boasts easy maneuverability good balance and has no welds to fracture or break on our V-Belt driven washers. The cool deck frame helps dissipate excess heat from the engine and pump giving your components added longevity making this purchase a lasting investment. Two 13 inch oversized fully pneumatic air tires have twin stainless steel ball bearings mounted on a cold-rolled steel axle. The two shock-absorbing feet provide a stable platform and reduce vibration and eliminate "Walking" during operation. The two handles protect your Simpson Pressure Washer during transportation and ensure easy loading or unloading from the jobsite.

The Super Pro Roll Cage Models feature a fully protected frame, 10 Inch Premium Pneumatic tires for any jobsite or rental application. Quality Comet Triplex plunger pumps are compact gear-driven, have an unprecedented 7 year warranty and boast a long-life at a low RPM.

The unit is delivered to you complete and ready to use when combined with the included attachment kit, which features a 50-foot Gray non-marking industrial duty high pressure hose, trigger gun, wand and nozzles.

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  pulsar/vrt3 and all pressure trapped

1. the adjusting nut is tightened to increase bypass pressure and loosened to decrease bypass pressure.

2. start with the machine off and the adjusting nut loosened (no tension on the spring). make sure the spray tip is correct for the volume (gpm) and operating pressure (psi).

3. install a pressure guage on pump discharge side of the pump head, or at the outlet where the pressure washer hose attaches.

4. start the machine with the trigger gun closed, the unit will bypass all the water flow from the unloader valve to the pump inlet.

5. with the machine running and the trigger gun now held open, adjust the unloader adjusting nut until the machine reaches the correct operating pressure per the machine specifications            (gpm and psi).

6. pull and then release the trigger gun several times, watching the guage and determine the spike pressure is no more than 200 psi above the operating pressure. adjust as necessary. tighten the lock nut to make the adjustment permanent.

7. make sure the spray tip is correct. remember to adjust the pressure spike to no more than 200 psi over the operating pressure.

8. tip changes – a green spray tip only indicates that it is a 25 degree tip. the tip size is the importan indicator. a 5.6 gpm machine at 35oo psi requires a # 6 tip size. the tip size is laser cut below the color coded plastic nozzle protector. a 2506 is correct for 5.6gpm@3500psi. Phone:833.400.0774 español: 800.917.9274 


Hot-Water-Powerful-Commercial-132 Degree-Portable

 Water Cannon Exclusive Hot Water Pressure Washers deliver 4.0GPM and 4000PSI and a 132 degree temperature rise, this pressure washing unit will get the job done. Each model comes with all the necessary accessories for you to get started right away. To protect your investment there is a 3 Year Warranty on the engine and 2 Year Warranties on the Pump and Frame!


EK or General Pump Triplex Plunger Pump

Inline Serviceable Stainless Steel Mesh Water Filter

Oil Bath Crank Case with dipstick and sight gauge

Stainless Unitized Valves

Forged Brass Manifold

Thermo Pump Protector engages at 140 Degrees F

Adjustable Pressure Regulator from 150psi to max

Fully Welded Powder Coated Steel Frame

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Zebra stripping and can be caused from 4 areas of concern.


This is called Zebra stripping and can be caused from 4 areas of concern. Flip cover over and check fan Pattern to make sure you are getting full spray

Out of each nozzle.

Sometimes when you connect garden hose to pressure washer you can pick up Debris and will make its way to the nozzle and will cause this issue from partial fan spray coming out.

Remove the nozzle with 9/16 socket and use air compressor or tooth pick And clear orifice of Tips.

Before installing the tips back, Run water through the system/bar until all
Debris are gone then install tips back with cavity line across face of tip runs
Parallel with spray bar.

2nd Cause of issue would be too low of pressure coming from pressure washer
Check the pressure with a gauge to confirm the unit is putting out correct pressure.

3rd Cause if unit hits anything extruded from ground or roof tops will cause
The Tips to move out of position or damage to bearings wiggle bar
side to side to see if excessive play Make sure cavity line of tips are parallel with bar.

4th cause of issue If system hits anything from rocks to extruded areas will cause 1
of the spring loaded seats to move out of position and allow pressure to Escape out
and around seat and cut the small o-ring and  back up nylon seal and will lose pressure
through weep hole at  Bottom of cover. Will need to replace seal kit.

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Pressure Washer replacement hoses in 50’ – 100’ – 150 and 200'

 Pressure Washer replacement hoses in 50’ – 100’ – 150 and 200' sections are available in pressure ranges of 3200psi – 4000psi – 6000psi – 7000psi – 8000psi. Assemblies includes quick connects installed. Arrives ready to work. Water Cannon pressure washer hoses 4000psi above are stainless steel wire braid wrapped cover hoses and are available in non-marking blue or grey covers or traditional black cover. Pressure washer hoses can be quick couple connected together up to 400’ for applications involving pressure washing building or working from scaffolding. With an abrasion- and weather-resistant synthetic rubber cover and high tensile steel wire braid reinforcement, this hose proves to be a durable choice. 

Consumer 3200psi hose assemblies include 22 mm twist connect fittings and have universal fit twist connect stems to work on 14 mm or 15 mm pressure washer consumer hoses. Shorter length jumper hoses are available in shorted sizes and are helpful in connecting hot water heater attachments, portable hose reels, hand carried hose reels or car wash applications such as connecting car wash booms.

Monster hoses are made with a dual-braided construction of steel over polyester and jacketed with a translucent polyurethane for high strength, durability, and kink resistance. Equipped with quick connect fittings for quick and easy setup 3/8 inch male QC plug x 3/8 inch female QC socket. Translucent polyurethane outer jacket is Non-marking, abrasion resistant, wipes clean with one pass and is designed to fit most gas pressure washers with standard quick connections. Best of all it is made in the heartland of the USA.


Quality & Experience is not improvised, Over 50 Years of performance & reliability

As the co-owner of an industrial cleaning and painting company, Jack Simpson created the first SIMPSON pressure washer in 1961. The new pressure washing technology gave Jack’s crew a clear advantage and they quickly became known for delivering higher quality work in a lot less time than their competition. Today, SIMPSON still leads the industry in quality, innovation, reliability, and performance –and with over 60 years of industry-leading experience built into each of our products, it is easy to see why backyard heroes and job site champions everywhere prefer the SIMPSON Advantage.


Driven by Performance™ for more than 50 years, SIMPSON continues to provide the advantage you need to get the job done right every time. We design, engineer and manufacture products that are reliable, durable, and built to perform every time you need them. Whether you are a DIYer or an industry pro, SIMPSON offers an enhanced experience with professional results guaranteed.


PROFESSIONAL MEMBER BASE: CETA has a membership base of over 200 entities from four different countries representing manufacturers, dealers, service providers, customers/end-users and associates. TOP INDUSTRY RATINGS: CETA only allows for products to operate within and no less than 90% of the product rating. This accounts for normal variances within the manufacturing process. PRECISE TESTING STANDARDS: CETA certified products are rated based on performance recorded using the same nozzle as opposed to utilizing skewed data from different nozzle sizes. CERTIFIED PERFORMANCE: The CETA standard provides the end-user with a pressure washer that is certified to perform as intended with any nozzle provided as OEM equipment.

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How to select the correct nozzle ..


How to select the correct nozzle for the pressure washing task. Pressure washer spray nozzles are conveniently color coded so you can select the straight zero degree which is red or a fan degree nozzle which are angled nozzles. The angled nozzles come in 3 dispersed angle pattern, the 15 degree is yellow, 25 degree is green and the white 40 degree has the widest angle for the high pressure nozzles.


When choosing an angled nozzle consider the concentration of pressure you want on the surface for example;


•A 15 degree yellow nozzle packs the most power and would be a good choice for cleaning off bubble gum, oil stains, baked on grease from a BBQ grill or any stubborn stain.


•The 25 degree nozzle is the most widely used because it has enough concentrated power for most jobs and covers a slightly wider pattern than the yellow nozzle. Select the 25 degree green for washing painted surfaces, concrete, pool decks, or other standard surfaces that need cleaning.


•Wider fan 40 degree white nozzle is a great choice for general washdown jobs, screens, lawnmowers, cars and other surfaces where control of the pressure is more important than powerful blasting.


•Chemical injector 65 degree black low pressure nozzles activate the downstream chemical/soap injectors and the wide broadcast pattern covers a lot of terrain fast.

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